Sajiki no Mori "Sajiki no Mori" is a village hill covered with a forest of cherry blossom and maple trees, in which can be found "Banko-an" (built in the Masuda style), a storehouse, a waterwheel, Kaeru Shrine, terraced paddy fields and more. There is also the popular 175-meter slide "Mori no Suberidai". You can feel the changing seasons with all five senses while strolling around the forest.


Banko-an A house built in the Gero region's "Masuda-zukuri" style. A wide earth floor spreads before you as you enter the house. It looks like a one-story house, but actually there is an upstairs, too. The large roof sweeps down deeply over the sides of the house and the eaves are short.


Kaeru Shrine

Kaeru Shrin

A shrine whose object of worship is frogs.

Good luck frogs like the Six Frogs of Welcome can be seen in the precincts.
Wakagaeru (youthfulness), Bujikaeru (road safety), Zenikaeru (money), Mukaeru (marriage), Hito-wo-mukaeru (business prosperity), Nakushita-mono-wo-mukaeru (finding lost things)

Mori no Suberidai

Mori no Suberidai

A 175-meter-long roller slider slide Enjoy a thrilling ride while admiring the prospect of Gassho Mura. (100 yen per turn, aged 3 and over)

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Gassho no Sato

Saijiki no Mori