Gero Onsen Gassho-mura's Four Seasons

Gero Onsen Gassho-mura's Four Seasons


Warm spring
The cherry blossom trees come into bloom from the beginning of April, followed by the weeping peaches around the end of April and the wisteria in mid May.
Why not take a leisurely stroll through Gassho-mura, surrounded by trees and plants wearing the colors of spring, then soak your feet in a foot bath and watch a performance at the Shirasagiza Shadow Play Theater?


Early summer
Various kinds of hydrangeas bloom here and there.
There is no better way to escape the heat of mid summer than to sit on the airy, spacious veranda of the Oda House and listen to the song of the cicadas, the "chirin-chirin" of the crickets and the sound of the waterwheel.
Also, the ayu (sweetfish) are in season at the Ichikura restaurant.


Splendid fall foliage.
Fall foliage begins to appear in Gassho-mura from the beginning of November. Eating gohei-mochi rice cakes and dumplings while admiring the reds and yellows of the maples and other trees is a truly wonderful experience.
It is an autumn of the arts. Why not have a go at decorating ceramics or making patterned washi?


While admiring the snow-covered thatched houses, treat your feet to a slow soak in the "Gassho no Ashiyu" foot bath and warm yourself to your very soul. A stroll in the midst of such refined scenery is a great way to enjoy the season.


Beginning of February to beginning of April: Tsuchibina Matsuri (doll festival)

End of April to beginning of May: Golden Week Events


Mid July to end of August: Hometown Summer Festival


End of October to end of November: Fall Events


January 1st to 3rd New Year's Events: Huddle round the hearth and get into the rural mood